Baron’s House



Baron’s House is an excellent solution for those who choose the independence typical of an independent and external apartment, managed with the tourist lease treatment. The Baron’s House is external to the hotel so as to make its entrance totally independent, near the Torre di Ser Ivano of the Castello degli Ezzelini. The Chamber of the Barons is equipped with all the facilities to accommodate at best a single couple or even a family of 4 people. Equipped with all the comforts, with independent bathroom, the dining room, the kitchen, the comfort of the dishwasher, the possibility of a washing machine, and a sofa bed. Ideal to prolong your stays as best as possible.


Camera del Re

King Room

Camera della Regina

Queen Room

Camera dei Principi

Prince Room

Camera dei Nobili

Noble Room

Camera dei Cavalieri

Knight Room

Camera degli Scudieri

Squires Room

Camera delle Guardie

Guards Room

Camera dei Mercanti

Merchant Room

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